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Come to the Table

The Rural Advancement Foundation International is hosting a food and faith conference entitled, Come to the Table, March 16th in Durham, North Carolina. Details here.


Keep It Good: Understanding Creation Care through Parables

[Resource]   A book by Catherine Lindsay Linsky

Several people who completed the MCCN survey requested basic resources that would help them communicate with people who are beginners or perhaps suspicious of green causes. Catherine Lindsay Linsky’s book, Keep It Good, may help.

Linsky describes herself as "one passionate follower of Christ fumbling toward righteousness, being led by God to say something that needs to be said." One of her main goals for Keep It Good was "to make it approachable for conservative Christians who typically withdraw from anything environmental due to a perceived leftist agenda." Linsky brings her background as an educator experienced with middle school children in rural Georgia to this task. Her parables are simple and clear. Check out a 5-minute video or find the book on Amazon.

Update on the Anabaptist Coalition to Dismantle the Doctrine of Discovery

Some members of Mennonite Creation Care Network gave money to a film project about the Doctrine of Discovery that was advertised through MCCN in 2015. The film examines the ways Christian theology contributed to unjust treatment of Native Americans/First Nations and how many of our ancestors benefitted from the theft of their land. Below is a letter from the Steering Committee of the Anabaptist Coalition to Dismantle the Doctrine of Discovery. It invites you to read their blogs about Standing Rock and explains how you can continue to be part of the undoing of the Doctrine of Discovery. The organization's new financial home is the Pacific Southwest Mennonite Conference.

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MCCN Survey: See What You Said

by Jennifer Schrock, Leader, Mennonite Creation Care Network

Thanks to the 135 of you who completed the survey I sent out in December. I appreciate your help in shaping this network to serve you better. Here’s what we learned about our membership:

Meet Our New Facebook Coordinator

Mennonite Creation Care Network has a new Facebook Group. Join now! We also have a new Facebook Coordinator. It is a delight to have Sarah Werner’s involvement to help keep the information and dialog flowing.

Our presence on Facebook is a closed group for MCCN members to communicate with each other. Unlike a Facebook Page where the information flows mostly one way from the administrator, if you post to a group, it will show up in other members’ feeds, making it easier to gather information on a question you might have. Join our Facebook page.

Sarah Werner has a PhD from the University of Florida in the field of Religion with a specialty in Environmental Ethics. Her dissertation focused on environmental initiatives of Mennonite congregations in the US and Canada.

Help Wanted on Climate Change Article

Request from Jennifer Schrock

Mennonite Central Committee publishes a journal entitled Intersections. Its editors are planning a focus on climate change adaptation for the Summer 2017 issue. They invited Mennonite Creation Care Network to contribute an article.

“What are North American Mennonites doing about climate change?” they wondered. Therefore, I am looking for congregations that have taken some action related to climate change, such as public witness, education, conserving energy or installing solar panels. I will be tapping the shoulders of congregations whose actions come to mind, but I might not know what your church has done. Below is a synopsis that I submitted. Please look over it and let me know if your congregation should be included.

If you personally have insights on the questions listed in the synopsis, you are welcome to send them also.

Biblical Foundations of Creation Care: Get it Now!

The Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary will offer an online course entitled, Biblical Foundations of Creation Care beginning February 15. This is a six-week online course you can take from anywhere. Maybe you've studied Genesis, but have you thought about what Proverbs, Isaiah and Job can contribute to our thought and action? 
See course description and register.

Rooted and Grounded

A Conference on Land and Christian Discipleship, April 20 to 22, 2017
at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Elkhart, Ind.

Church members, scholars, farmers and other practitioners of creation care are invited. Attendees always find  challenging keynote speakers, a breadth of workshops and good conversation partners to nourish them. Details to follow. See the 2015 Rooted and Grounded Conference.