About Green Patchwork Congregations

Mennonite Creation Care Network challenges churches to integrate care of creation into their ministries and daily living. We call our member churches Green Patchwork Congregations because we know that each congregation brings a unique context and set of gifts to our planet’s need for care. We welcome all shades of green to the MCCN palette. Let us be agents of change wherever we are and whatever our communities are like!

Congregations are listed when they complete the FIRST STEPS category. The additional steps are encouraged as time, energy and interest aligns. Use this form to join.


  1. Congregations identify a liaison to MCCN. The pastors/elders have agreed on the congregation being listed as a Green Patchwork congregation with MCCN. They appoint someone to communicate with MCCN on an occasional basis. This person would get our newsletters and share relevant information with the church now and then. Liaisons also send news about the congregation’s efforts to MCCN. If there is a green team, one of its members is a logical choice. The liaison, pastor and office manager receive our newsletter.
  2. Congregational awareness: Church members have had the opportunity to hear or read about Mennonite Creation Care Network. If people have been paying attention, they know what MCCN stands for, they know that they are a Green Patchwork Congregation and they know who their liaison is.


  1. Engaging with the Greener Congregation Score Sheet: The liaison has reviewed this guide with several other members of the congregation and the congregation is working on at least one area. You’ll find discussion guides related to the score sheet under the tab, Where Do We Start?
  2. Educational Initiative: Study creation care in a manner appropriate to your context. The Every Creature Singing curriculum on the MCCN website is one option.


Congregations discern actions appropriate to their gifts and local context.


  1. Connecting to MCCN: The liaison makes at least one connection with MCCN staff each year by phone, email or some other method. It is always great to hear what our congregations are working on. Each year in April, we will send you an email inviting updates, but you are welcome to send them any time.
  2. Connecting to broader efforts: The congregation seeks relationships outside of the congregation that can enhance their efforts. The liaison might get to know other liaisons or a green group might invite the leader of a local environmental organization to speak.
  3. Create a creation care webpage for your website: This gives you a chance to let others know what you are working on. It may even attract new members to your church. See an example

Use this form to join.