Mennonite Creation Care Network calls the congregations in its network to join other churches in two shared practices per year. While these can be done any time, you may wish to connect the first to Earth Day and the second to the Season of Creation in September. 

July to December 2019: Hold a potluck of sustainable foods

Many churches regularly eat together. But do we use this time to inspire healthy food choices for both our bodies and the planet? Invite people to a themed potluck. The theme could be vegetarian or backyard grown or low sugar. Participants could share their recipes or facts about where the food comes from. 

January to June 2019: Plan a conversation on climate change

Hold an intergenerational dialog on climate change.The younger people might be a high school youth group or a young adult Christian education class. They might be fringe young adults who attended church as children, whose parents attend the congregation hosting the event or who live in the community and are looking for meaningful conversation. The older people might be anyone from 35 to 95.

Here’s a lesson plan to draw from:  Climate Change Dialog Sessions 1-2


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Shared Practice 2019: Hold a Sustainable Foods Potluck

Shared practice July to December 2019